Friday, August 15, 2008

Oracle Apex - AJAX form created from Javascript

One of the really nice features of using ExtJS is just how easy it is to create a form using javascript.

Combining it with the new Apex global variables which Carl Backstrom blogged about in May gives some very interesting opportunities.

It means it is now possible to have functionality sitting in a application javascript library ready for use on every page.
This is exactly what is happening in IRR reports, and the upcoming Websheets functionality.

Combine this with the ability to interrogate your application using the Apex dictionary views, and suddenly the world is your oyster.

Have a play with AJAX Form using Globals on my demo site.

I'm using the same concept for a AJAX editable tree, which I'll be talking about at Oracle OpenWorld this year.
Provided I finish building it... :)

Here's a screenshot of current progress. Mark

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joe said...


i'm joe and i am from malaysia. i just graduate from college and just start working as an oracle developer for almost 5 months. now
i am realy interested in doing the apex extjs integration just like what you did in your marks playpen application. do you have a documentation on how you do all the integration? if you do have it then i hope you can share it with me. its realy hard to find a complete tutorials on how to do it on the net. im still struggling with it.
you can email me at akukacik [at]