Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank you Carl - you will be missed

It was very sad news to read Dimitri's blog yesterday that Carl Backstrom had a car accident on Sunday and passed away.

Carl and I had been in regular contact by email over the last 18 months. He was very generous and accessible with his time, a truly great guy. I count myself fortunate in meeting up with him in person at Open World this year.

He was very enthusiastic on the 4.0 release of Apex, and spoke of all the upcoming work around AJAX functionality and jQuery integration.
His enthusiasm was infectious. Only a week or so ago, I was emailing him of plans to create a jQuery demo playpen for next year.

Sometimes life really doesn't seem to have a sense of justice.

Carl was taken from us much much too young, but not before he left his mark on the world.

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