Saturday, November 15, 2008

Multiple Interactive Report Regions in one page?

Here's how to get multiple IRR's in one page. Cheat - just use iframes. See this example, which includes an iframed IRR in a popup ExtJS window.


Anonymous said...

Thers so good and nice report - bravo!
I have question how to set SHOW WINDOW from this simple report on
I was typing code java script on REGION HEADER on pages wheres select displayed
and I was changed
html: iframe style="overflow:auto;width:100%;height:100%;" frameborder="0" src="f?p=21920:3:120368568695011::NO:::">iframe
Whats need to show report on popup?

Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Anonymous

You need to have the extjs libraries referenced in to your page/template to use this code.

See my integrating ExtJS post from earlier this year.