Tuesday, September 22, 2009

JQuery UI confirmed in Oracle Apex 4.0

Oracle indicated that jQuery would be included as part of Oracle Apex 4.0 last year at OpenWorld, and this is stated in the current roadmap.

The question is whether Oracle were planning to use jQuery UI or not still remained unanswered.
The recent Apex 4.0 video and powerpoint by Mike Hichwa and David Peake has a slide at the beginning making me think that they would be including the jQuery UI.

Today Tyler Muth confirmed that jQuery UI is definitely included as discussed in detail in this forum post.

So, does this leave ExtJS out in the cold?
Well not really, as I indicated earlier in the same forum post, because ExtJS has a plugable adaptor framework which can use jQuery as a base layer.
This allows you to use jQuery for the non-visual aspects and ExtJS on top of it, allowing you to use the best features of both.

The other rumour I heard, is a beta of Oracle Apex 4.0 is very close to going live, but that’s unconfirmed.


Shaun S said...

G'day Mark;

Would you please pass your contact information by email to me.

Thank you.

Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Mark,

we will use jQueryUI just for the new Date Picker and probably also use the Dialogs feature in some cases. The drag & drop and sortable feature is also very useful which we will very likely use in the Builder.

As you said and showed in your examples, ExtJS is a much more sophisticated Javascript framework in terms of desktop like applications and I think jQueryUI doesn't really compete with it in that area - and you can't really compare them feature and widget wise.

I think APEX 4.0 will make it even easier to integrate and use ExtJS with an APEX application. Plug-ins provide a perfect way to make all the ExtJS widgets declaratively available to the developers and we are looking forward that you jump on on that and provide some ExtJS-APEX plug-ins :-)

About the rumors. Yes there will be something soon but it's more a pre-pre beta so that people can try out some of the new features and give feedback.