Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Plugin: Re-sizable columns and save preferences

A very quick post, with an example of an APEX GridPanel Plugin used to convert a APEX Standard Report into an ExtJS GridPanel.

The Plugin implements the following functionality:

  • drag-and-drop to re-arrange columns
  • check-box menu to show or hide columns
  • resizable table to change width
  • resizable columns
  • save settings and restore defaults.
IE has a nasty habit of caching the page, so make sure you do a refresh to retrieve the saved layout.

Full details of how to implement are in chapter 9 of my book Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS


mnolan said...

Hi Mark

I like the implementation using the HtmlReader how you're saving the state. I've gone a different route for state saving and used Ext.ux.state.HttpProvider and the builtin state saving Ext provides, downside is that it's not user initiated.. it's on whether the user likes it or not.

Keep up the excellent work, you're re-inspiring me with some great ideas.

P.S. Looking at the demo I think there's a small glitch with sorting, i.e. I think you've got your ascending/descending sorting doing the opposite of what it should.


Anonymous said...

When the chapter 9 of your book will be available in RAW ebook download. I have purchase it chapter 1 - 8.

Anonymous said...

I guess next edition will be:
Oracle Application Express 4.0 with Ext JS 4.0


Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Matt

Thanks for the asc/desc issue.
It was doing what I wanted, I just had my logic back-to-front :)

Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Anonymous

I'm not sure when Packt make chapters available, they do some editing first before they release it.

Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Lev

I had to laugh about the timing of the ExtJS 4.0 release.

I will upgrade to ExtJS 4.0 once it becomes available and include information on any issues with the book's errata.

Learco Brizzi said...

Hi Mark,

Nice plugin! Would you like to share it on www.apex-plugin.com ?


Patrick Wolf said...

Very nice!